Aishwarya Bhambra


I have been pretty decent at studies and took up Bachelors of Architecture as my Under Graduation Degree back in 2013.

I wasn’t aware of the fact that I’d have to sacrifice so many nights for projects.

I have had PCOS for the longest time, and have always struggled to manage it. My confidence levels were always low as PCOS comes along with weight gain and facial hair growth.

This was enough to make me conscious about myself. We cannot expect students to be sensitive enough to not make fun of the prominent facial hair growth I was having. I was always conscious and scared that if anyone points it out, what will I say?

This used to happen back in the school days and made me even more sensitive towards my condition.

My PCOS took a great jump when I entered college.

I didn’t realize it at first, but I started to gain weight gradually during my college days. Taking medications weren’t helping me, as my Physical Activity throughout the day was zero.

My Stress Levels were at its peak, with surviving on minimum sleep. In short, I had a pretty messed- up Lifestyle.

I couldn’t blame the degree, as everyone was doing it.

I went to Delhi for my Internship in 2017 and came back after 8 months of an even worse Lifestyle and gained a few more kilos.

This kept on going; my weight kept on increasing gradually because of stress from my Final Thesis Project and a messed-up Lifestyle.

Thankfully my degree ended and we were waiting for our Convocation.

It was my Convocation in July 2018 that shook me for the good. I saw my photographs and all I could see was an unhealthy, unfit, under-confident person who has taken her health for granted for a really long time and had to reset her life.

From that day onwards I took a pledge to respect my body, my mind, love myself and gain back my long-lost confidence.


It all started with cutting out unnecessary crap out of my diet, starting researching on what’s best for me and my Condition, started working out in the Gym and fell in love with Weight Training.


It took me a year to drop 12 Kgs and come to a healthy weight.

It was my consistency and patience that paid off. Not to forget my In-house nutritionist, My Mom, who kept me on track with my meals. I became more confident in myself. I healed my PCOS and I am managing it well till date.

This was not the end; I was intrigued about Nutrition Science and Training and how our body reacts to it under various conditions. I started reading on Nutrition along with my job as an assistant Architect at a renowned architecture firm.

Not to lie but the part of the day that I looked forward to was always the after working hours.

One thing that I always had on my mind was to start something of my own, but never knew what to do and where to start from.

I had observed I am good at training and guiding people about following a healthy lifestyle and genuinely wanted to help out people, especially the girls who have faced the same issues as me.

By now you would have guessed I wasn’t that interested in taking architecture further as a career for the next 35-40 years of my life. I had to follow my heart or else how could I be happy.

Then Lockdown 2020 came as a blessing in disguise for me.

I did a good 2 month of Work-From-Home but had to quit the architecture firm for certain reasons. Meanwhile I was looking for courses in Nutrition and Training for quite some time and had time in my hand to learn as much as I can during lockdown. I came across a course which was a perfect fit for me and my pocket.

The tough part was to face my family and tell them how I don’t see architecture as a lifetime career for me, and my interest lies somewhere else. To my surprise it wasn’t difficult at all, my mother was always supporting me and even convinced my father to let me give it a shot at it. That is when I realized our parents are not against us or our dreams, and their support is what takes us to new heights.

I did a Nutrition and Training Course throughout a time period of 6 months, and became a Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer in December 2020.

Since then, I have been helping out clients to lose weight, lead a Healthy Lifestyle and educating them about the Importance of Resistance Training in one’s life.

One thing I realized throughout this journey, it was me did not have confidence in myself, but the day I took charge of my life everything changed for the good.



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