Dr. Alka Sharma

Sitting in my clinic, I often go down my memory lane and think about the moments that defined my journey up to this point.

I was the naughtiest kid, both in the family and in the classroom, due to which no one had ever thought I would be able to live up to my dream of becoming a doctor. But there was one person who always believed in me – my mother. My family always had my back, so when I announced that I wanted to pursue MBBS, they showered me with all their support. Although I couldn’t get a seat in MBBS I didn’t give up and chose to go for a medical degree in Homeopathy. But their willingness to let me fly remained unwavered.

Getting a seat in a different state meant staying away from my family for quite some time. It was very difficult for someone like me who has never stayed away from them for more than a day. My toxic relationship and health problems made it worse; but my determination and trust were bigger than my weaknesses.


After suffering silently for a long time, I decided to not let the situation take me down; and hence, opened up in front of my family. Yet again, it was my mother who pulled me out of all the mess I had landed myself into. 

This was a turning point in my life and flamed my desire to be the best. I engrossed myself in my books and even completed my degree with flying colours.

There’s a quote which says, “Suffering makes us more compassionate.”

This was true for me as I got involved in helping almost everyone I could through my medical practice. I worked with the best homoeopath in my city – Dr Arminder, attended, managed and organized various camps throughout the north region and let nothing stop me from achieving my dreams.

I believe in curing my patients in such a way that they only reap the benefits with no downsides whatsoever. Keeping this in mind, I provide a therapy that is Natural, Effective & Safe, which also happens to be the tagline of my clinic – Diwan clinic (I named it after my grandfather whose blessings have led me to my way here).

Today I have grown up as someone I exactly wanted to. Along with my career, I have found a way to reclaim my mental peace as well.

Power of now is something I believe in. To make sure there is no space for anything that can take me down, I also devote time to my hobbies. There is a special place in my life for creativity that keeps me positive. Some of those things include painting, gardening, and travelling.


After seeing my patients, I make sure I take out some time for myself to re-energize myself and spend time with people I owe my success to – my mother and my family.

If today, I were to look back at my life and think of a lesson I can learn from; it will all come down to two things – never give up and always believe in your family. A family is a link to the past and a bridge to the future, which is always brighter!