Avantika Garg

My journey as a traveller started on 17th May 2019. I applied for an internship as an art expert to teach 40-50 students in a summer camp for a week in mountains. MY FIRST SPONSORED TRIP! Hell yea.



I never did anything in my entire 3 years of college life. I was kind of sad and depressed (not much) but yeah. So, I used to think, “What are my friends doing? How come he is earning this much, and how come he is so talented?” My mates always thought that I have a real talent in me, but I never understood what they were talking about. Me? Talented? Stop! Hi! I’m Avantika, an artist and a traveller, so ART is in me! In my genes! My mother is a very good artist, so yeah, got that from here.

*Coming Back To The Story*

So that was just the start of my journey where my friends pushed my inner sense to apply for that internship. And God knows how I got that courage when I literally told my parents that I have to take this offer and need to outshine myself. My parents approved! Then I just packed my bags and went straight up to achieve my dreams!

It was just a start of my upcoming travel goals, then starting from the very first trip of being an art expert, I also played the roles of a wall doodler, a teacher,  workshop expert and achieved around 25-30 sponsored trips in a year. I am so proud of myself because I got such nice parents who don’t listen to what the society says, things like, “akeli ladki ko bahar bhej dete ho” . They trust me and support me. So yeah, many more trips ahead and this journey will never end! Adios!