Bipasha Banikya

Talking about Bipasha Banikya, she mostly talks about fashion and beauty and you can check her Instagram for good dose of fashion and beauty. She has collaborated with 50+ global brands in her one year of Influencing journey and this is her full time job. Bipasha has 29,000+ followers on Instagram. She has also recently opened a YouTube channel in the name of “Bipasha Banikya”. 

She says, my mother and elder sister inspires me the most. She is grown up and is surrounded by empowered women. She has chosen her own way and the hard way. She says, I am still climbing the ladder with new surprises every day.

Bipasha is also associated with few NGO’s, she tries her best to inspire the underprivileged girls, by channelizing their boundless energy. 


She says - “I feel grateful to have an Instagram family which supports me immensely. I’ve always concentrated on community building when I started this career. For me my viewers are God. I often take feedback from my community which helps me a lot”.


Blogging/ Influencing looks fancy, but in reality is not. It’s just like an Ice berg theory. 


About her Personal Life:


Bipasha is a dog lover, loves to travel, nature lover, she loves the beach. 

Bipasha dreams to be the shining light in this industry someday. One advice for the aspiring bloggers, if you want to get into this profession, start it now don’t wait. Time waits for none.