Gursimran Gujral

Today, I want to share the journey of my business- Arty Crafty Chocolates, which I initiated in 2015. This all began in 2014. I was in tenth standard and enjoying a normal student life. I was a shy kid in my school days who was unable to express herself. 

Since my childhood, I’ve always loved painting and adding colours to my drawings. Art and craft were the tools which kept me going in all other areas of my life. In the same year, I made 16 handmade gifts on my best friend’s 16th birthday. (I made an impression of course). After which I realized that this was my calling and I wanted to start off with a page. I named it “Arty Crafty - The innovative world”. My Facebook and IG page included Paper Crafts, mini cakes from clay and many other craft-based items in the beginning.


It was just the start of a creative journey. I belong to a Sikh family, so naturally I am a food lover. My mother and aunt used to make chocolates on special occasions and people always praised them for their tasty chocolates. One day, my aunt and my best friend encouraged me to start a chocolate business. I also wanted to do this yet I had certain doubts which are quite obvious when you are running a business and about to add a new segment to it. And then.. Here you go…I gave birth to my very own “Arty Crafty Chocolates”.

I had a favourite subject in my school days, which was business studies. I guess it was the only subject which gave me a movement to run a business more successfully and how to perform well as an entrepreneur. The best thing about my entrepreneurial journey is that it made me smart and confident. It helped me a lot on a personal level also.

Arty Crafty is now a 6+ year old Company! I never knew that I could make wonders. Thanks to all my customers and well-wishers for their contribution in my beautiful journey. I never knew it would make all the wonders that we could ever think of. Till now, Arty Crafty has successfully delivered over 4000+ products to 5 different countries in 40 different cities. We have 930+ recurring 


customers and 100+ new customers joining us every single month. I used all my creativity skills here, from launching new designs and customizing the chocolates according to my customer’s preference to adding different colours and patterns to it.


In 2017, I have added another dimension to my business, which is to design customized gifts and it is still loved by many of my customers. I always respect my customers' needs and love to offer them something new every time.

I also started my Instagram page by the name of @thatrailblazergirl, where I share content related to 

entrepreneurship, positivity and affirmations. Positivity has always been a life changer for me and has helped me so much in growing stronger. I wanted this page because I felt a need to share whatever I learnt in my teenage years and to encourage (at least some people) who like me by giving them the motivation and inspiration. Also, I feel the world needs more of happy and positive vibes. And yes! I want to thank all those who supported me, especially my family and friends. A special thanks to all my wonderful customers too!

Today is my 23rd birthday and I want to thank The TALKx for releasing my article today.

Lastly, I want to make a statement “Entrepreneurship is not a profession, it's a way to live your life. So, enjoy your Entrepreneurship Journey from the core of your heart.” Thank you for reading so far, and giving me so much love. Keep spreading love and happiness.