Jasmine Sachdeva

I’m Jasmine Kaur Sachdeva; I was a commerce student who always wanted to pursue fashion as a career. Coming from a middle-class family background my father was not really in the favor of me being a part of the fashion industry and told me to pursue with my commerce degree because that was the safest option and I don’t blame him for this because being a parent he wanted what is best for me and to have stability and job security in life which a commerce degree could provide. I continued with my graduation but I was still not happy because this is not what I want to do and I couldn’t just sit right there and regret later about what my life could be, so I told my father that I want to do pursue my masters in fashion.

The timing was right then, he somehow agreed and I took admission in IAM, Gurgaon for masters in fashion retail. Everything was going great, for the first time in my life I was doing what I always wanted to do but life isn’t perfect even fairy tales have villains in it. So, our university affiliation got changed because of some issues, and we were told that we’re going to get an Ignou degree. I was devastated because that was the middle of our semester and I didn’t plan this at all. 


I was worried that what will I do for the next 6-7 months and then I came up with a backup plan and I decided to do a diploma in fashion from JD institute, which went great but my father was still afraid about what will I do in the future and he wanted me to pursue B.ED because I had a little experience of teaching tuitions to 12th grade and bachelor degree students. I listened to him because I was not a rebellious child and fighting with my father was the last thing I wanted to do.

My heart was still not in the right place I wasn’t happy because styling and fashion were what I was good at and 

wanted to pursue. While I was doing B.ED I chose social media as a platform to fill that emptiness and the happiness I used to get when I styled different clothes and inspire d people around me and I was appreciated too. This was back in 2017 my blog on Instagram was a hit and I was rapidly gaining followers. That’s when I saw the bloggers like Santoshi Shetty, shereeen, and many others who inspired me to start something of my own, something to prove to my father that I could do this. My aunt had experience in blogging and she helped me understand blogging.


So that’s how my journey started as a social media influencer as yours one and only THECROPTOPGIRL, I named it the crop top girl because my friends used to call me that because I was good at pairing crop tops with everything.

Be it a skirt, denim, trousers, or shorts. The start was amazing, I was living the dream and I also got a chance to work with good brands. I worked with label Nitya Bajaj where I created runaway a 

bride look. It was a hit, but I wasn’t earning anything and after all this now I knew I am in this for the long run. I kept working harder, creating content, and eventually, my hard work and brands started paying me. My first paid collaboration was with Popxo and then I continued working with loads of brands like fashion berg accessories, lingerie shop, Pee safe, biotique, dlf malls, lifestyle, only, Flipkart, nexa, Inaya, Amanya, Asmaira, Nitya Bajaj, Japnit Ahluwalia, Clovia, Penguin books, Zivame, Shoppers stop, Real Me mobiles, Honour9, Orient electric, Shein, Aion water, Aldo, Myntra, celebrating Vivaha, Lays India, Loreal, Maybelline, Voot, Radisson hotels, UCB, Tata Cliq, Etam luxury, Cover story, Lasenza, etc.

As a content creator, I also had to face challenges like working with certain photographers I was not comfortable enough, but I had to keep going because quitters aren’t achievers and I was so dedicated to being a successful name in the industry, quitting was not an option for me.

That is all about me and my journey as THECROPTOPGIRL and if you wish to know more about me I’m starting my blog soon, you can check me out on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. Lastly, I just want to say never settle for less, if you believe it you can achieve it.