Karan Thakur

I’m Karan Thakur. I’m a fitness model and a video creator. I hail from a middle-class farmer’s family. My father is a government employee and I have three siblings and I’m the youngest among them. Being the youngest, the love and support I’ve received from my family has been immense but along with that, the responsibility of studying well and getting a government job, too has been on my head. But since childhood, my interest lied in Cricket, Fitness and modelling. Although unlike other middle-class families and their narrow mentalities, my father always encouraged me towards my interest in cricket. I took up cricket, started playing it in my school and after that, played cricket in my college too. I continued with my passion for Cricket, started training professionally in a stadium and got selected for South Africa Cricket camp

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I was beyond elated to see my dream which was about to turn into my reality, but due to family and financial constraints, my elder brother stopped me from heading to South Africa. I was so agitated and furious that from that day onwards, I completely distanced myself from Cricket and never played Cricket again. I started fulfilling the expectations that my family had from me; focused solely on my studies and stared preparing for government exams. I cleared SSC and cleared the CISF Sub Inspector Post in 2012. I was almost on board 

for that position, all my tests were cleared but I got rejected in my medical test. All my hopes were completely shattered once again and I felt the world ended for me that time. That brief period of sorrow and agony made me so feeble that I attempted to commit suicide. I harmed myself and was hospitalized for days. I could see the effects of my action on my parent’s face and realized that my life was not just about Cricket or an exam, it was about me and my family. I started perceiving things differently I realized how the world is such a big place and I had so much unexplored. I started recovering 

and went ahead to pursue my other interest. My family supported me and I did Diploma in Acting and Fitness. I did Live shows and went to Mumbai. I spent some years in Mumbai, worked as an Actor, Assistant Director and did every work that I got. But after some time, I started facing financial issues. My family also insisted me to come back and once again, I was in a position where I was doubting my decision. But this time I was wiser and knew that I will still continue to strive hard. I was offered two pictures in the south industry as  


a second lead but due to issues like Covid and finances, the movie could not be completed. Then I shifted to Delhi and started creating videos but the response I received was not very good. Although I would get a lot of positive comments and appreciation for my work, but the videos never went viral. My patience was really tested during these times, where some days I would feel to just leave all of it behind and start looking for a 9-5 job. I was disappointed and people around me would tell me how it was not working for me and I should think of my future from a better perspective. But my Passion refrained


me from taking any such step. I would have faith that maybe not today, maybe tomorrow. Maybe not even tomorrow, but some day my work will definitely be appreciated and be known. I started creating videos for apps and I got very affirmative response for my Fitness based videos. People stared following me and I gathered a lot of fitness enthusiastic clients. My videos slowly started drawing stupendous feedback and I was motivated to work harder than ever. 

Today, I am known as a popular creator on these apps. With each day and each experience, I learnt so much about the journey of life as a whole. I’ve enjoyed my work so much that even when it was not giving me any shade in my summer sunny days, I continued to wait and work for it. And today, when I eat the fruits of my hard work and Patience, I know that nothing in this world could give me such a pleasure. Today I can say with experience that in life, do whatever your heart is set for. When you are passionate about something, don’t give up on it for anything in this world. Hard work never goes wasted. Just move with faith and patience, and no mountain in this world can stop you from soaring high.