Mehak Mansukhani

Hi! My name is Mehak Mansukhani. Through this article, I want to discuss the importance of quietness in our lives. I am not talking about staying quiet in a gathering or in everyday life but instead enjoying some quiet time in our minds.


I am genetically an over thinker, or at least used to be. My major defence mechanism was to overindulge myself in work. Honestly, this is something I learnt from my family. Since I belong to a small town, I was taught to bury myself in work in order to save myself from the boredom that this little city had to offer. Unfortunately, I started using this as an escape from more than just boredom. So now, if I didn’t want to face any situation, I used to overburden myself with more things than I could handle. But what was the result?


          The situations still persisted

          My energy levels were falling and I was more exhausted during the day

          I could not excel in anything since I was doing ten different things every day

          I had trouble falling asleep since I was constantly unsatisfied and underproductive 

          I could not stick to a career choice

          I became aggressive and a cry-baby

The major challenge that I faced was not being able to choose a career. I could not make up my mind on what field to choose since trying a bit of everything became a habit. I felt like a failure, maybe even was. I jumped from being a business development executive to a strategist to a PR professional to even trying to become a pilot. 


I got ridiculed for not being able to stay consistent and people started to not take me and my career options seriously. I then spoke to my friends about how I could not sleep at night since the noises in my head did not keep quiet and I could not handle the silence the night had to offer. One of my friends suggested meditation. I thought it was a ridiculous idea since, as long as I was awake, I’d spend every single minute either thinking or doing something. Finally, I decided to take help and realised that I was using extra work to escape from the things that were more important and needed my attention.

I learnt the importance to sit with myself, quiet my mind and understand the problems that I was facing instead of pushing them aside and burying them even deeper into my subconscious. As a result, today, I am a certified past life regression therapist, a blogger (https://rihabymehak.blogspot.com/) and an aspiring interior designer.


I have recovered from headaches, I can now meditate up to 30 minutes, sit with myself without getting anxious or bored, be confident in my mind and body, say no, talk to people without being scared, set my boundaries so I do not exhaust myself and can also control my thoughts and fears to some extent.

My focus has now shifted from complaining about my life to trying to find pleasure in little things that my life has to offer. A pretty good spot from where I started, right?

Often, the problems that appear on the surface level have a much deeper cause.

For example: A person suffering from anxiety could actually be facing a fear of disappointing his/her loved ones. It is very important to identify these causes and solve the main issues. Solving the symptom could be a temporary cure, but removing the root cause can help you permanently.

I would suggest if you are facing problems such as constant headaches, insomnia, substance addiction etc, do not shy away from taking professional help. This life is very beautiful; It is a gift, do not unwrap it and put it away. Use this gift to your advantage and to be happy every single day.

I would like to conclude by saying - Our minds have the capability to complicate things that are supposed to be very simple. Identify these complications and get rid of them. Live simply, live beautifully 🙂