Nidhi Shukla

“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.”

At the age of 11, one such opportunity showed up at my door when I was at a camp and there a talent show was organized. I had a sheer interest in writing that led me wanting to write a poem and recite it in front of everyone. I was really young but still had my heart asking me to express myself creatively. I definitely went in for it, that was my first experience and undoubtedly an awful one. I remember penning down about a philosophical notion in my childlike language. Although the experience was not a very pleasant one, I still had something in myself telling me to continue writing and that’s exactly what I did. I continued writing poems, small compositions in my notebooks. With time passing by, I was getting better with my words and I started thinking of myself as a published poet. I remember being a child with low self-esteem because of certain experiences.


When I was in class 8th in 2018, my friends used to judge me for my looks. I was an introverted child who never spoke in class and with these experiences, I was even quieter in classes. I started to feel depressed and started writing everything in my diary, it became my go to thing, creating stories, writing poems, and it started to interest me even more. One day, I thought of writing a poem which was worth publishing, but honestly, I could not do that. At that time, I completely gave up on the thought of writing poems. In class 10th, due to coronavirus, a proper lockdown was imposed, and I was free most times of the day, just like everyone else, I thought of doing something productive.

As I had a realization about my little self-confidence, I wanted to work upon it and see how much I can push myself and wanted to see what I am capable of. With immense curiosity, I ended up participating in teen modeling competition. It was held in Lucknow and by god’s grace, I ended up being a runner-up.

I had no special interest in modeling, but as I was teased in my school by my friends and had to do something in order to prove to them and to myself and that was the reason I did it. It instilled in me a sense of confidence and worthiness. After some time, I was back to what my heart craved for, which was writing and creating. I knew I had to learn a lot about the field and with this I joined various classes and learned a lot from various sources, one of them was Writer’s hub. I took classes for at least 2 months, I wanted to learn the rhythm of words. I was really passionate.  


But in the process, I learnt that it’s not necessary for a poem to have a rhythm. Just a flow of words is important. That made me confident, and that’s exactly what I did. But intentionally, I started forming my rhythm and today I am a published poet. My next book is coming in March named “Words that are left Unsaid”.


Today I’m able to manage everything on my own and I’m launching my own Clothing and makeup brand. I have understood one thing really well: it’s not always about studies, if you’ve not been good at it does not mean you cannot do anything else in life and if you’ve been good does not mean you can achieve everything. I have trust and faith in myself and I know no mountain is high enough for me to not climb it and make it to the top. But I also know that you have got to keep some people close to you throughout your journey, they will make everything worth it.

My mom has been my biggest support and strength and her belief in me has always kept me going, intriguing me to explore more to find myself more.