Real Life Struggle

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Hi, I wish to remain anonymous. I am from Delhi, and 25 years old. Today, I would like to give you a little inspiration by my life story.

I had seen my father drinking heavily at the age of 14, due to which we suffered losses in business, me and my brother’s education suffered, as well as my family peace. My mother somehow managed to give us a better life. 

She had given all her gold to Muthoot Finance and Fixed deposits, just to make sure her kids got a good education, and a good life. She did this without showing her pain to anyone. Then, after completing 12th, I wanted to help my family. I started doing events where I would get Rs 1000 a day, and besides that, I was also doing tuitions. I was pursuing my graduation from Delhi University (School of Open Learning), and at the same time, was pursuing my Office Management Diploma from YMCA, Delhi.

After a year, I got a job at a call center, but I wasn’t happy. I was broken inside, struggling to get a job, and I was not career oriented at all. My main aim was to give money to my mother, so that she can fill our empty stomachs. I still remember me and my mother asking so many people just to give me a reference of any company so that I can enter and get a job, but nobody helped me out. “Wo kehte hai na bure waqt me koi saath nhi deta, uss waqt dekh bhi liya.”

Today, I’m working with a good company after a long struggle, and experience. I think my mother’s blessings were and will always be with me, that’s why I have achieved this much, and am standing independently.


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My mother is really happy that after a long time, I have done something. My life’s agenda is not to give up on any situation, “Hume bohot log milengey acche bhi aur bure bhi, bohot log uthane aayengey aur bohot log giraane bhi, kabhi girna mat, jhukna bhi mat.”


“Maa kehti hai karam kr phal ki chinta mat kar, bas usi raah par chal rahi hu main.”

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