Shalki Monga

A year back, what started was unanticipated has now become a piece of my heart and my being today - @graphicbrushes

Hi, my name is Shalki Monga and I am deeply honored and elated to share this piece of writing with TALKx.

To nurture myself into brands and fashion, I moved to Delhi I completed my Bachelors in Global Luxury Brand Management from Pearl Academy and went to Torrens University, Australia - 3 magical years of my life!

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My interests have always been in brand building and fashion and I was deeply engrossed in making it my lifestyle that people looked up to.

It’s been more than a year since I started working on Graphic Brushes. It still feels like working on a dream. One thing led to another and a month later I was there launching my brand, beginning a new journey of my life.

After completing my graduation during covid I didn’t want to apply in any institute so I decided to work. I started working with my own expectations on what it’d be like and what’d I end up doing but having my family and friends I’d end my day with the best.

Before I get any further, I want to mention that I work as a Social Media Marketer, Logo & Graphic Designer, Website designer and I provide 1:1 Coaching Sessions for social media marketing.

Everybody takes up a journey with a reward in mind. Although Hearing from people it felt, it’s such a great thrill to see my work go live and in the hands of so many people. my biggest reward were the smiles that were brought on people’s face due to my services. Something that was maybe just in your head or was requested upon by someone, is now a reality and in use by countless. There’s also that gratification when you get to learn that someone is using that feature of yours and in your head, you’re like (that’s mine! that’s mine!).

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I’ve helped with marketing, branding, online promotion, logos, social media handling, campaigning, Calendar making, graphics, coffee table books...the list is endless. And most of all I wrote my first E-book on Instagram and sponsored an event as a social media marketer.

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I found it interesting because my father has a Royal Enfield dealership which has been the biggest opportunity seemed like a calling to my inner self into brand management and being social media marketer of the firm and I was ready to venture out by then.

The journey so far has been really beautiful but it is just a step into the universe of social media and I feel that I have many light years to travel and looking forward to working through 2022, going forward and upwards and onwards.

I am taking this platform for being a reason to appreciate life and my work more than just normal and for telling me - every day I will learn something new, in marketing, in fashion and definitely in life as well.

Bringing to you – “Graphic Brush by Shalki Monga” - turn your business into timeless classic business by working with us through social media.