Shruti Daga

Hey, I’m Shruti!

I won my first gold medal when I was 12. Running was something that I had always enjoyed as a kid but it got a little more serious when I started to represent my school in competitions. I got selected for my first nationals when I was in the 7th standard. I started with 100m and long jump and went on to triple jump and 400m hurdle. I have enjoyed every moment of it. I've also managed to break many records. I truly believe that it all happened because I had a connection with sports, and that means not just for athletics, but for any sport I played.

In one of the school meets, I had injured my knee very badly in my first attempt. I cried out loudly for a moment, not because it was hurting, but because I couldn't give my best. But right after that, I went for the second round and it’s my best one yet! The injury didn't matter because I had that spirit, and I knew and believed that I wanted to win despite anything and this is what we are prepared for.

I can't deny the fact that the confidence I have and the ability to handle various things at once are all because of sports. Sports don't only make you learn the value of team spirit but also teach you how to overcome your fears.


This journey has had many ups and downs - beautiful moments of traveling, meeting people who share the same dreams and have the same passion as me, and a whole lot of rewards and recognitions.

There have also been times where I had lost friends, fought with my family, had to maintain my academic record, or even lost out on my health. These moments made me almost give up several times, but somehow even with this negativity 

and hopelessness, I got to learn, explore the person I am and the life I want to lead and that is what mattered at the end of the day. I know that I can’t play for India as I had dreamt but I can still represent India as a sports manager. Anything that connects me to sports is something I'll always enjoy. I know, I now have a chance in fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of many different people and help them grow and dream.