Shruti Pawar

“When life has got you into a slump, turn inwards to look for the spark within”.

I am a firm believer of hard work, dedication, perseverance and patience, and throughout my journey I’ve moved with faith and put my whole heart in my Passion. I did my Graduation in Philosophy hons from Delhi University and Post-graduation in Broadcast journalism from APJ Institute of Mass Communication. While pursuing Post grad, I worked as an intern at CNN IBN News Channel. My Passion lied in the field of Media, Production and direction. After Post graduation, I worked with NDTV in 2012 and after a year, shifted to Print Media where I handled marketing and advertisement. Amidst the juggle between not missing any opportunity and finding a work that my heart could fall in love with, my inner self remained ungratified. I felt that my purpose was unappeased. I decided to take a breather from work and be more purposeful.


Whilst on the break I got to know about Fashion TV which had verticals ranging from Fashion, Clothing, Spirit marketing to salons, cafes and many more. I went ahead and in three days, I was on board for the work of Sales & marketing and Digital media. I took care of the beverage placement in restaurants, hotels and airports. For a year, I worked there and learnt the most beautiful lessons of my life but as it is said “One journey has to end only to begin with a new and a better one”. I got the opportunity of shifting my base from FMCG to Hospitality 

industry. I found it interesting because my father has been an executive Chef and I had been assisting him in his projects since a long time. The opportunity seemed like a calling to my inner self and I was ready to venture out. The ride proved to be one hell of an experience where I became well versed with the functioning and the nitty gritties of a restaurant. I was ardent to give my best to Restaurant marketing and In-house hospitality. I started finding happiness in my work and realized how “Pleasure in job puts perfection in work”. I started doing marketing, branding, online promotion, social media handling, campaigning, Calendar making,

designing themes and concepts of a restaurant etc. I became a part of the management and operations and put my nose to the grindstone to learn everything possible. Hard work is painful when it is devoid of purpose but when you work for something bigger than yourself, hard work becomes a labor of love. My labor of love helped me reap the sweetest fruits. From working for “Lights, 


camera Action” to “Imly” then to “Wok in the cloud” to “Detroit” and “Anglo”, my journey was quite fulfilling. After working for 5-6 years, I felt I had learnt enough to start my own agency which led to the origination of my own marketing agency called “Salt by Shruti” which deals with Social Media marketing, PR, Branding, Promotion and curating events. Under this, we have 


Hospitality, Fashion, Jewell and travel clients. Launching “Go Pape” café from a small kitchen to now seeing it having another dine in outlet in the times of pandemic has added another feather to my cap which I’m extremely proud of. We were nominated for Times Food Award Twice and watching many respected well- known people come to our place, enjoy their time and have some good words about us, gives me a delightful feeling. From my experience, the one thing that I’ve learnt is that your job status doesn’t 

define you, your skill set does, your vision, your will and your attitude does. And don’t be afraid of the challenges. Always remember that the brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out, they are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.