Sona Sharma

I am Sona Sharma; I was a happy home maker till I was diagnosed with tongue and throat cancer which took a great deal of my mental and physical health and in one year to everyone’s surprise I was much better but had to go through multiple speech therapies which bought my confidence very low but somehow with my more practice and my family s support I was good enough to talk and make them understand what I wanted to say and by God’s Grace all my loved once understand me well now.

Then I got a chance to work with Zee T.V in a reality show. I had a great experience working with Delhi Darlings as it was something new for me. I had earlier worked for certain music videos Endorsements did few fashion shows but then Delhi Darlings came out as a whole new platform which gave me a great push towards my career and life in general.

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Unlike other people in the show, I was a cancer survivor and due to that I had speech problem which became a barrier to my success. Although I had a great story line to show case but it wasn't highlighted because of my speech problem. I was hurt because of that but again took it as a challenge.

Social work has always been close to my heart. It's because I've seen so many people go through the path which I once walked on. As I pushed myself forward and came out stronger, I love to enlighten people going through the same.

I've been a major part of cancer events organized under guidance of Fortis and many other health organizations.

But fate had something else for me in the plate. I got diagnosed with cancer for the second time after 10 years- which is a few months back! I recently went for my treatment and now I'm trying to recover as soon as I can, I'm trying to fight it back like I did last time. The journey has never been easy but once I reach my destination healthy, I'm sure it's all going to be worth fighting.

I'm not much of a philosopher but I would like to always tell each and every woman standing out there that nothing in the world should set you back no matter what. If I can do it, why can't you. Even after facing the most difficult wars, you should never fear walking the path because there's always a beautiful destination when you finish.

Working in fashion these days is quite challenging as there's something new each passing day. There are a lot of differences from past days till date as there were not many designers out there and now

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you can't count the number of designers running their mind each day for new fashion. Earlier it used to be monotonous and now it's fast moving but of course the change is for good.

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Fashion today has a lot of complexity these days. As people take social media in the present day, there whole life revolves around it. The power social media has it probably can't match even the fashion. Social media is addicting as it can make you star in a few minutes by one fashion post or it can drag you and your reputation to rugs in seconds.

It is always overwhelming working with big names such as cosmopolitan and many more. Who doesn't want fame? These two big names got me happiness and success at the same time. It was quite a different experience which gave me butterflies all throughout the time I was working.

My faith in God bought me here where I could have never imagined. Never forget to trust yourself, love yourself! Be kind to yourself; take it easy, Everything Happens for Good.