The Unapologetic Bride

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The day is hot and so am I!

With every minute passing on my clock, the euphoria is hitting hard and isn't that exactly how life should be?

"'Your happily ever after awaits", "my soon to be Mrs.", "see you in 360 minutes", "Miss to Mrs", is that all what this is about?

Since the day I snatched his ice-cream in that support ridden bicycle of mine, he has been chasing me and my attention and gradually our dreams of togetherness, until one day I went on my knees to offer him a dual ride of life with all our dreams and accomplishments, and to do the next ones together, because why not?

Taking the lead has always been my forte and I don't think patriarchy has anything to do with it.

My journey, my struggles and my constant strive to being myself has been one hell of a venture, I must say. Until I met the one who made me fall in love, the one who stood by my side through all thick and thins, who witnessed all the drunken befuddled nights listening to all those pointless stories and still made sense out of it. Oh wait! Do I have to give up on that? Does this transition of Miss to Mrs. mean that my first priority- that is to love myself, has to change?

If love is unconditional, and everyone preaches the same, then why do they make us take vows on D- day? I never loved myself any less when I skipped my diet and, how is this happily ever after any different from my happily ever now?

Maybe, it doesn't have to be this way, at least for me! I can still be my favourite, my go to person, enjoying my 'me time' even with a partner for life.


Photography By - Simurita

Love doesn’t make us choose and compare, society does and I'm not obliged to please everyone.

And that's okay!

Life is all about accepting, trusting and growing together, right?


Its time,

To shine,

Get my wine!

To walk towards my love,

With all I love,

To this wonderful ride,

With pride,

You're truly self loving Bride 👰

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