Niti Luthra

Starting from the top, I was studying French and also teaching it along with searching for gigs which would be looking for an interpreter. However, I were apprehensive whether this is what I want to do. I was always attracted to the world of glam, reason being attending multiple events like Miss India contest and others. In 2006, I attended a wedding of someone in close association. So, one of my cousins complimented my make-up which I had done on my own. She pushed me further saying I have a good hand at it and should pursue it. Like every journey, this one also had its upheavals. At my home, I was not encouraged to pursue same considering my business background. A girl choosing to work and add up to her image to create her own identity just turns off some people. But I chose to fight back for what I dream of being, a make-up artist.


So, I began with a strong will but no guidance whatsoever. I started investing into make-up and its paraphernalia along with a clueless mind about what do to next. I was in Bangalore and calling up my friends to get a cue on next step. That is when I got to know to try my hand in aviation school and to train girls. Hoping it would brush up my skills too. It took me time of 6 months to get a job at Air Hostess Academy where I had to train for make-up and grooming. It was like a test of my talent as well as I had to exhibit my

skills on darker skin tone on as I were in South. Through it, I got better at mixing and blending colors too according to the skin and requirement.

Over some time, I was doing amazing in Bangalore. I made a base there. I was in contacts with artists, photographers and academies.

2 years passed, I had to shift back to Delhi, my hometown. I again came down to 0. With no contacts, no knowledge of industry, I had to start from the scratch. I, like before, started calling people. A photographer called me and asked to give a trial and if my work liked then I could join the studio, I did get through it. From that day onwards, there was no looking back. Later, I worked with Lotus Fashion week and were also in a contract with them. Moreover, I have done a movie with Jimmy Shergill, lots of designer shoots, done


many models, got in contract with Times of India where I would take care of their make-up sessions for years.

With hard work comes luck hand in hand. I was fortunate enough to meet right people at the right time out of pure luck. Then, I got guided towards an agency called International Convention of the Wedding Fraternity to explore my opportunities there. I got to meet some of the top-notch wedding planners there, designers, event managers there. I got in handful of opportunities, I started working with multiple agencies. I was travelling nationally and internationally. It is not only about how good you are at your job but also how well do you carry yourself overall. Your aura, your socialising competence, your ways of communicating, all that matter quite a lot. Gladly, I was always good at networking which, of course, helped me.


Taking one step after another, I wanted to get on with a brand. Luckily, one day I went to Lotus headquarters for some work and got my profile checked. I got selected for an interview through which I got to learn a very different dimension of what I were already doing. I was discussing about products, their launch and all. A whole new journey altogether. Honestly, Make Up industry has many dimensions which eyes cannot meet. It has a wide horizon and isn’t just simply about

painting faces. It goes beyond that which can only be found if searched for.

Chandni Singh is my mentor. I have also studied in New York and London but Chandni has been my constant source of inspiration and support. I thank her for always guiding me an encouraging me to do better each time.

My advice for beginners, youth and people who are trying is that keep your patience. You do not learn and get successful overnight. Things take time to grow and evolve. Never run from putting in efforts and hard work. Take advantage of resources and opportunities that are at your disposable. Do not stop hustling!