Itika Kamra

““Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” Believing in these words I started off my Instagram journey and took the first step down the path of being an influencer. Hi, my name is Itika Kamra and I am deeply honored and elated to share this piece of writing with TALKx. My journey started as most people nowadays. I completed my MBA in finance from IBS and stepped into the corporate world. My interest always lay in fashion and I was deeply engrossed in making a lifestyle that people looked up to and are influenced by.


However, fearing failure I decided to stick to the well paid 9-5 that I had. Three years ago, I read an inspiring quote Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." This turned my life around, but thankfully in a positive direction. It added fuel to the fire of passion burning inside me and I was convinced that I had step the opposite way to stand out of the crowd. I started off as a social media expert for my home brand Stelatoes Shoes and Accessories Pvt. Ltd and I know I have 3 years of progressive experience with them.

The spotlight of my journey was when I gave birth to my own brand The Experience Curators. While I saw people getting bored and suffering from depression during the lockdown an idea dawned upon me of coming up with a venture that connected the world together through online mediums and engaged them in activities. The idea was not only to bring a smile on my face but also on the face of my consumers. This was also a platform that provided small and big brands to reach out to the world through brand marketing. 

I have held several one-of-a-kind events including a virtual Diwali event for the Singapore embassy and a Christmas soiree at One8 Commune. Another really interesting event during my journey was the influencers sit down luncheon at Rooh Delhi because many people of my own profession sat down together and dived into the universe which we call social media. English high tea at manor and yoga at Andaz were other such events that were unique.


As a lifestyle Influencers I have worked with renowned brands like -

- Raw Mango

- Pranay Jaitly Celebrity Stylist

- Wedwise

- Vouge Wedding

- Mulmul

- Glenmorangie

- Ozone Luxary Salon

- Date The Ramp

Everybody takes up a journey with a reward in mind. Although my biggest reward were the smiles that were brought on people’s face due to my services, but a few achievements during my journey just made me more enthusiastic. I was featured in shoes and accessories magazine and also in Delhi’s leading newspaper, The First India. Being a panel member for Exchange 4 Media as a digital curator was another next level experience.

The journey so far has been really beautiful but it is just a step into the universe of social media and I feel that I have many light years to travel until I even venture a quarter of this gigantic space.